I discovered my enthusiasm for fasting years ago, when my “fast-paced” lifestyle reminded me to pause and do something for my health. This was the beginning of an intimate friendship with fasting in Pernegg and helped me to prepare for a serious change of professional direction. Today I look back gratefully and share my experiences very gladly with interested and like-minded people: to experience the beneficial effects of fasting on a physical, mental and spiritual level, and to be an empathetic companion for you on this journey of undreamt-of inner possibilities, fills me with great joy.


For those who always wanted to do something for their health in a relaxed but noticeably effective way. Just take a break from everything. Swich off. Replenish. Moreover, in a dreamlike ambience. Surrounded by forests, but still by the water. A long-cherished wish of my regular customer and mine thus came true: a location at the lake with as many feel-good factors as possible allaround…

My program

  • Selfness retreat with yoga … a relief for body, mind and soul
  • Selfness as a source of vitality, joy and happiness
  • Selfness as wellness for the ego!

According to Matthias Horx, more and more people want something that really and truly gets them ahead. Not just something that does them good in the short-term. We want to give these buzzwords real meaning and depth in the form of a “Wilderness Retreat”. Gaining more self-competence and better knowledge about ourselves. Cultivate a more mindful, joyful approach to our own body, soul and spirit, come to rest on all levels … all this supported by the force of nature and healthy diet.

With the help of special, gentle yoga techniques (basic exercises from Lu Jong, YIN yoga and a very special yoga for the fasciae) we gain more suppleness and thus joyful mobility.
Lovingly selected meditations invite you to indulge in restful relaxation. Strolls in nature bring additional energy and connect us even more deeply with our own breath. Creative writing techniques promote access to our innermost being and help to unearth one or the other hidden or long-forgotten treasure.
Healthy, ayurvedic-oriented nutrition as well as the forces of nature are ideal framework conditions to come strengthened in the own centre. With this we encourage our intuition and learn to listen to our own guidance, this quiet inner voice, which is only audible in the inner stillness, again.

The goals of my retreats can be to get (back) in touch with one’s own destiny, the essential goals in life and/or to treat oneself with an all-around regenerative time-out. “The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift. “Albert Einstein

This is what my retreats offer:

  • A wonderful start to the morning with Yoga, Qigong, Lu Jong, energy and breathing exercises
  • Meditative sessions, relaxation and perception exercises involving the natural environment to train intuition
  • As much rest and retreat as desired
  • Hikes to places of special energy in the area
  • A little writing workshop
  • Healthy diet, oriented to ayurvedic principles
  • Use of the private beach at the Wörthersee
  • Optional: excursions to interesting, possibly cultural sites
  • Possibility to book individual coaching sessions


Mag. Evelyne Schneider
+43 676 4000 973